Procedures for Riders

The fee per riding class is at $30 per 45 to 50-minute hour.  Class fees must be paid prior to the start of each month during which the participant will be with us.  Please mail your payment to FSR, P O Box 1291, Fond du Lac WI 54936-1291.


  • Our classes are scheduled on the hour each hour though the amunt of time for the each class is about 45 minutes. This allows time for dismounting and preparation for the next class. We allow up to 15 minutes to mount all class participants at the beginning of the class time. When all are mounted, there will be a 30 to 45 minutes of riding after which the riders dismount so that the next class will start at the designated time, which is one hour after the first class started. *   **
  • Three un-excused absences means that the rider’s spot will be given to a rider on the waiting list. Please call 930-924-9920, e-mail and discuss any necessary absences in advance.
  • When a rider is sick, please notify us as quickly as possible so that the instructor and volunteers know not to prepare that rider’s horse and can tend to other duties. Consideration for our volunteers and instructors who make it possible for our riders to participate requires that we be notified as far in advance as possible of any absence. When there is a planned absence, such as the rider will be attending camp or family vacations, please notify us when you are making the plans. We can then schedule someone from our waiting list to take that spot until the rider is available to resume classes. Timely cancellations for surgeries and vacations will allow us to incorporate waiting riders.
  • Refunds of unused lesson fees are only available if the student withdraws from lessons for a medical reason or cancellation is initiated by FSR. We will always attempt to reschedule any cancellation made by FSR.
  • We do not hold classes during a Tornado Warning. If a Tornado Warning is issued while a class is at the barn, no one can leave the premises and must congregate in the Tack Room. Those in wheelchairs should go into the bathrooms, along with their parent, guardian or caregiver. If a Tornado Watch has been issued prior to the start of class, class will be canceled.
  • Classes are canceled when the heat index (sum of humidity and temperature) is 100 or more.

*For those who have funding through their county’s Long Term Children’s Support Program, Lakeside Care District or other, please make certain that your treatment plan is up to date and indicates our services as a funding choice. The services will be billed per the funding agencies requirements. Please let Mary Narges know to whom the monthly bill should be sent along with the correct address.

**Riders without funding whose family does not have the resources to pay the service fee can apply for financial aid by calling 920-924-9920 or e-mailing and requesting a Funding Application Assistance Form. Any one assigned a “ridership” is required to send a thank-you note to the provider of the ridership funding. The family is encouraged to help with all our fund raising efforts. Eligibility is based on The Department of Public Education Free Lunch criteria.


  • Long pants are required. Riders should avoid wearing new denim jeans with double welt seams on the inside of the legs, as these can be uncomfortable for the horses and the rider while riding. Pants that are too tight for exercise, or parachute pants that make any unusual noises as the rider moves as these can spook the horses and should not be worn.
  • During cold weather, riders should dress in layers for comfort.
  • During warm weather, riders should avoid perfumes and scented soaps, as these attract insects.
  • A long sleeve, lightweight shirt is appropriate when riding outdoors. Insect repellent is suggested.
  • We will provide the required ASTM-SEI helmet, as all riders are required to wear helmets. Riders may purchase their own if they wish. ASTM-SEI helmets are available at Fleet Farm and other sites.
  • Riders need to wear shoes or boots that cover the whole foot and have a textured rubber sole.
  • If a rider wears sandals or shorts, they will not be allowed to participate that day.



  • If the rider is allergic, please let us know as our horses may be wearing repellent. We suggest the use of antihistamines for the participant’s comfort.
  • Riders should arrive 10 minutes before the start of their designated class time. This allows the rider to find and put on his/her helmet and for any relay of information to instructors or volunteers. Because of the disruption to the class, any rider arriving more than 15 minutes late, or after all others are mounted, will not be able to participate.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed while riding.
  • The health and safety of our riders and horses are important concerns at FSR.